Dry Falls Highlands, NC

Dry Falls

For our second stop on our day of chasing waterfalls, we cruised right into the parking area of Dry Falls in Highlands, NC. Talk about breathtaking; this waterfall is the first falls that we’ve found where you can actually walk behind the waterfall and not get wet (hence the name). Unfortunately, it was so icy that we were unable to walk behind the falls today. In fact, in the twenty minutes we were there two elderly ladies slipped and fell and one gentleman slid down the side walk like he was ice skating (thankfully no one was terribly hurt).

This waterfall is a short walk down some stairs to the pathway that takes you right behind the falls. It is also very easy to find and is about one-mile from Bridal Veil Falls. This is another must see waterfall; I pray everyone finds the time to check this one out.

Here are some directions.

Bridal Veil Falls Highlands, NC

Bridal Veil Falls

There’s nothing better on a beautiful February day than chasing waterfalls. Today we ventured to beautiful Highlands, NC and searched out several waterfalls. Our first stop at Bridal Veil Falls revealed a beautiful scene. Water cascading over a boulder that hangs over the side of HWY 64. Of course it is the middle of winter so there was ice and icicles everywhere. I’m not going to lie, I may have found the ice the hard way by slipping on patch that almost had me lying on my back.

The kids enjoyed playing with icicles while there. However, this became quite dangerous as the sun heated up the side of the mountain, the icicles became little spears of death as the broke free and fell to the ground (WATCH OUT!). This waterfall is a must see. If you are not much of a hiker then this is perfect for you; no hiking involved. It is also about the easiest waterfall that you can find since it falls on the road. :) I hope that everyone has a chance to get out and go find this one.

Click here to find some directions to this waterfall.


Trahlyta Falls Blairsville, GA

Trahlyta Falls


It was a beautiful cool clear January day when we decided to head over to Vogel State Park in Blairsville, GA. Caden’s New Year’s resolution is to hike every mountain in the state of Georgia, so we decided that we better take advantage of the nice weather and get to work on his grand resolution. For a short one mile hike like the Trahlyta Falls hike, we allow Kylee our three year old teenager, to hike solo (typically on long hikes she rides on my back in her nifty back-pack). This hike is a leisure stroll without much elevation change whatsoever (excluding a slight decline at the back of the dam where the waterfall is located). The kids really enjoyed this relaxing and beautiful walk around the lake and the fact that you get to walk right up to the waterfall and basically reach down and touch it. This waterfall is a spill over from the dam at the back of the lake, don’t let that turn you off, it’s beautiful!


How To Get There?


Getting to Trahlyta Falls is very simple. Basically look up the beautiful and popular Vogel State Park and do the hike around the lake. I have linked a google map on how to get there if you need assistance. Click here.

What is the Falls and Hikes Ranking? (Scores are 1, worst to 5, best)

Difficulty:  1

Kid Friendly: 5

Beauty: 3


Cupid Falls (Young Harris, GA)

Waterfall In Young Harris, GA

cupid falls

If you’re looking for a quick drive up and view waterfall, then Cupid Falls is a nice waterfall to check out. It is located behind the campus of beautiful Young Harris College in Young Harris, GA. The waterfall is located in a quaint little park that is great for sitting by the creek and having a picnic (there are picnic tables and a fire-pit if you are interested; no overnight camping is allowed). My kids loved rolling in the leaves and climbing the trees in the park with some of our friends’ children (I may have climbed a few as well). The walk from the parking lot to the waterfall is less than 2 minutes and is very easy to find. For directions to this waterfall please click here.

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